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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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What is the safest way to open iPad without cracking its front screen?

I have an iPad 3 WiFi and i need to open it to replace the dock connector and i just want to know a safe way to open it without cracking any thing ...... ?

please can anyone guide me ? :)

and one more thing what are the needed materials and tools to accomplish this hard task :D ?

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Find a heavy duty plastic like a credit card but thinner. Start at the home buttton area (this part has the least adheasive) and basically slide the plastic underneath the glass and push it along the whole glass. It's helpful to heat it up as well.

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thanks for your answer.


just to add:

guitar picks work wonders for this. use one hand to slide pick under and use a suction cup to pull pressure up at the same time. I put my thumb in the suction cup ring and pull slightly up while working around. continue leaving a pick every few inches so it doesnt re-seal. I dont think you could do this without heat, maybe im wrong but ive always used a heat gun. Be careful around the volume and power buttons and data antennas if it is 4G/LTE they tear easy and are in precarious places.


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heat it up, you will inevitably ruin all the adhesive under the panel, but everything else stays just fine

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and How to do this ? :l


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You have to heat it up. The adhesive will not release without doing so. Take your time and work in sections.

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