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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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How can I repair a keyboard?

Is there anything I can do to repair a keyboard,my logic board is fine after I've used it for months it even chimes after a restart,at the moment I use the on-screen keyboard and it doesn't start, I have to boot it from the back.

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That is a very expensive way to repair a keyboard on a MBP.

I would recommend following that guide but when you get to the point where all the components are removed (which are in the way of the keyboard) start carefully removing the backlight diffuser panel and the other plastic panels between the keyboard and backlight.

Next you have lot of screws to remove, takes about 15mins to remove them all. Once these are removed please don't forget about the power switch as that is attached to the keyboard. it is covered by a small metal plate held down by two screws, just remove them and you should be able to lift the power button out.

Thats it the keyboard is removed, these keyboards are readily available on eBay and do not cost much, much less than a whole top case anyway. Here is an example, UK eBay site http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Macbook-Pro-13...

If you need more help or a step by step please ask and I will be happy to help.


Brendan Mills

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That seems like a better idea. Based on the guide, I wasn't sure whether or not the keyboard could be removed.


Yeah it can be removed just takes a little time removing approx 60 screws, maybe I will do a guide soon.


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It looks as though the keyboard is attached to the upper case. You can use this guide to replace it. This is the part that you need.

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2010) Upper Case Изображение


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2009-Mid 2010) Upper Case


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