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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Not sure if s4 has been fried; no sound after burnout?

My daughter dropped her new s4 in water last night. Apparently she choose not to tell me until I found out myself. I unplugged her phone from charging this morning. The phone was burning hot to the touch (it must've over heated during the entire night and if I didn't unplug it, it could've exploded or worse -__-)

The phone was off and would not turn on. At first there was the startup Samsung logo and sound but it would blink off. At that time I still did not know about the water incident so I just left it in the table to cool off. After coming home from work my daughter came running to me with the confession: she dropped the phone into the sink for a second and immediately dried off with a towel. Since the phone was still functioning perfectly at that time she plugged it in to charge for the night which I knew was a huge mistake. And the phone would not turn on this morning because the battery was apparently dead. She plugged it back in (huge mistake numero two) and saw the typical battery charging sign. The phone turned on fine and functions perfectly fine EXCEPT that there was absolutely no sound. We tried plugging in headphones and calling---no sound at all. It still receives notifications and calls normally. I'm suspecting that the phone might have burned out the sound card or something.

I don't think the water damage was too severe since the water indicator sticker in the back of the phone was white. Unfortunately the sticker on the battery itself turned pink) Is there another water indicator sticker in the interior where the camera, motherboard, intricate stuff etc etc is? I think some water might have gotten into the speaker part (the silver rectangular piece on the back bottom left ccorner?) Is there a way to replace that piece or is this phone a goner? It is currently buried in a bag of rice (battery and back cover separately) I'm not sure what to do since water damage is not covered by warranty.

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Vivian, the very fist thing you want to do is to stop trying to charge it or turning it on. This could make the damage worse. It is not the amount of time that it was immersed that causes the damage, it is where it got exposed that does. I would suggest to clean the whole phone thoroughly with a high grade (90%+) isopropyl alcohol. Check this teardown and see if that is something you are comfortable with. If you do not clean it, you may have corrosion damage later on. After you cleaned it, definitely replace the battery and then re-evaluate. Hope this helps, good luck.

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