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Type of glue appropriate for plastic and aluminum?

The clutch cover on my Macbook is loose. It's not bad by any means and certainly not critical, but it's a little wobbly and thus creaks whenever I place my hands on it.

Here's an iFixit pic of the area I'm talking about:


I'd like to dab a tiny bit of adhesive on the clutch cover, but I'm not sure what type of glue is appropriate for the task. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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A dab of epoxy compound (pick your poison there are many) worked in with a toothpick or plastic spatula along the edges would be my recommendation. Plain glue wont stick to itself with strength - but- epoxy is made for that purpose. Ensure that you mix equal amounts hardener and resin - maybe a small bit of glass fiber would help too (don't want to make it bulky but wiggling will reduce the life of the bond).

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