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Released 2006, identified by model number E1705

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My laptop is not starting up

Both, tha capital letter lock (A) and down arrow lock stay constantly blinking at startup and then eventually shuts down the laptop. Once in a while the laptop bootsup but then freezes and both lights start blinking again.

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I think this is a sign of graphic chip problem. If you are kean on electronics you can try to reflow the graphic chip. If you get things better you can go forward reballing the chip, but this is an exacting task and must be done by experencend electronics hobbists.

Note that if the blinking lights are sequencial probably means specific problem code.

I hope this hint is for help.


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The blinking caps and numlock are a diagnostic feature . Depending on the combination it can be a number of different symptoms. They can be as minor as the battery having an insuficient charge or as serious as a CPU failure. I would recommend updating the ROM BIOS on your unit to ensure you have the latest fixes.- Make sure you have the latest one for your model. You Google it to find the blinking code means.

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