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The Asus Transformer Pad TF300T is an Android tablet computer released in April 2012. The Asus Transformer design includes an optional docking keyboard that “transforms” the tablet into more of a laptop computer.

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Cracked casing, Power Button overly sensitive, random reboot

My TF300 has two issues- the power button issue is the really big problem. Anytime I touch the AREA where the power button is (i.e. the top left of the screen) it decides to turn off or reboot. I am guessing this means the switch itself needs replacing or something. Is that a DIY repair for someone who has done a bit of laptop repair? I have replaced my own hard drive and upgraded RAM- and have been willing to try more complicated things but haven't had the need.

The cracked casing (or backing) may also be contributing to it- you can see cracks especially where the tablet connects to the dock (poor design, IMO). If it isn't practical to replace the backing, anyone have advice to shore it up?

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Mine did that. I found that the tape that holds the on/off switch contact moved just a little bit. Pop the back off and look at the tape with a little copper disk at the switch and make sure it is aligned properly. Good luck

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Thanks!!! Your fix worked for me too! Mine is now working for the first time in about 4 months.


Thanks !!! That simple fix worked for me as well, driving me crazy and let it sit for almost a year before I found this fix!


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I had the same problem with my tablet.

Bought at Amazon.fr (dec 2012), the problem with the power button and random reboots appeared after 9 months...

I took photos to help repair.

The little copper disk under the tape must be recentered.

1. the problem


Block Image

2. the fix


Block Image

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