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Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi, released on March 16, 2012. Model Number A1416. Repair requires heating and careful prying.

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Problems reattaching ZIF connectors

Hello and thanks for any suggestions anyone can give.

I'm putting back together an iPad 3 after replacing the battery and front panel. The ZIF connector for the headphone jack cable is proving to be a problem however. I can't get it all the way plugged back in to the white lines that are on the cable, and having tested it out (having replaced all the other ZIF connectors and turned it on), the headphones are not working.

So my question is are there any tips and tricks for getting these ZIF connectors reattached? I don't want to damage the cable, it's so delicate, and yet for the life of me I can't get it pushed all the way back into the port.

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if it's anything like other zif connectors it shouldn't go all the way up to the white line


Actually commentary states the ZIF connector must be inserted slightly PAST white line. And they were this way before disassembly. Thankfully both the screen ZIF and the digitizer ZIF are functioning with connector still with white line visible. But the Audio cable isn't.


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The connectors for the Digitizer and LCD will never go in past the white line on an iPad. I've repaired many of them and they always either butt up directly with the connector to the line....or slightly before it. The headphone jack is a different story as I really haven't had a need to take too many of those out. Mostly see normal screen replacements. But

Heres a tip. There is usually a small section of slightly thicker plastic on top where the white line would be and right up to the tip of the connector. If you us a safe open pry tool or plastic spudger you can usually get a little better force on the connector without bending the cable. If you have neither, the corner of a credit card might work as well. It shouldn't take much force really (hence the name zero insertion force) But sometimes you need a little extra push to snug it into place.

If there is no going any farther without really getting into in, then there may be damage to the connector. Bent pins inside the socket or even damage to the connector itself (came out crooked or damaged with a tool)

Make sure you thoroughly inspect every part of it to make sure you aren't doing any further damage if something is bent or out of place.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks. I pulled the audio ZIF out again and reinserted. This time the audio jack now works. However, the screen is no longer powering on. It worked the first time but now after having to remove the LCD to get at the audio ZIF, the LCD will not light up. Oh well.. I'm definitely not having any luck with this unit. I don't know how to remedy the LCD problem aside from pulling the ZIF back out and in again, which i've done 4 times now trying to get it to work. Also now that the iPad is powered up and without a LCD working, it's impossible to turn the thing back off. Do you think I've compounded the problem by reattaching the LCD connector while the unit is powered on? Thanks for your thoughts.


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