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The Dell Inspiron 15 (N5050) is a mid-sized laptop manufactured by Dell, Inc. that operates on Windows 7. The laptop features include a WLED HD display screen and a max supported memory of 8 GB.

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Will not stay powered up

My lap top will not power up properly. Powers up ok when power button is pressed. Shuts down when button is released

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Have you tested your power supply to verify it is putting out proper voltage? Use a multimeter to do this. You will be testing for Volts DC. The post on the inside of the connector is positive (red probe), and the ring area is your negative/ground (black probe). The multimeter should display close to what is printed on the power supply.

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Seems like you power button has come up you can replace it by either changing the power panel ordering online from eBay of specified model or you can also give a try to fix this one. If you WD40 rust cleaner or alcohol swab then try to put one drop inside and leave it to dry for an hour. Hopefully this can might fix your problem.

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