Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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I get "service battery" message, but Apple found nothing wrong?

My computer is telling me I need to service my battery, so I ordered a new one from Anker via Amazon. (Just FYI if you do this, they don't send the spudger, so I had to email and ask for that separately).

I opened up my case, and just looking at the battery I could see nothing wrong. Aside from the usual amount of dust in there, I couldn't discern anything out of the ordinary.

My question is this: do any other parts fail that would cause a "service battery" notification? The Apple "genius" told me the diagnostics brought nothing up, and that I still have about half the cycles left on this battery. Hoping I didn't waste $50 on the replacement.

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That makes sense, machead93, thank you. I was experiencing some odd behaviors with my trackpad, so I wonder if it wasn't due to this. Even had the trackpad replaced about a year ago; thankfully the office paid for it.

Here's a screenshot of my results from Coconut Battery. It looks like everything's working as it should, but I may still swap it out if there's a chance something else may go wrong, since I already have the replacement.


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Looking at batteries can be a bit like looking at lightbulbs or watermelon. You have to look very closely. See this Trackpad's left click not working! Battery says "Service Battery"! for what might be happening, and how to obtain more useful information about your battery.

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FWIW new batteries can fail straight out of the package - it's more common on the Chinese knockoffs but Apple had a bad bunch or OEM batteries get out in the wild and had to recall/replace them.


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