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2.5 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache.

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Won't boot after reconnecting SSD

Hi there, I recently wanted to see how easy it would be to replace the ssd in my retina MacBook Pro, after going pretty much to the end of the guide which was before removing the ssd from its "caddy" thing then put it back together and it won't boot past the apple logo, and the disk says it can't be repaired in disk utility, any ideas? :(

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Thanks for your answers guys!! I tried everything and still nothing, I used all the correct precautions as in ESD safe equipment, still nothing but luckily had a bootable thumb drive and reinstalled the OS X which has fixed the issue but seems weird that just doing what I did ended up like this! Thanks again!


Most likely you still had it powered (Sleep mode) so when you pulled the battery or ribbon cable you scrambled the SSD as the system still had open files. You can do the same thing pulling a thumb drive out while it's in the process of reading or writing (don't recommend you try this just an FYI). You were lucky! In any case.


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First did you properly shut your system down Vs put it into sleep mode? If not the act of disconnecting the battery or SSD could corrupt or damage the SSD.

Did you use proper ESD practices? Depending on where you are the dryness in the air raises the risk of static discharge. Even inside with air conditioning the risk of static can be present. Before you open your system you must think how to remove the risk of ESD.

Did you disconnect the battery and did you use a non-metal tool to pry off the SSD ribbon connector (Step 10)? If the answer is No for both you could have damaged the SSD.

Otherwise it sounds like you damaged the ribbon cable or the contact block on the logic board. (Step 10).

Did you setup a recovery USB Thumb drive, CD/DVD or have an external HD which has a bootable system? Try using one of these to boot your system up and then use Apples Disk Utility to repair the disk. If it is unable to repair you may need to delete the partition and rebuild things (hopefully you made a backup).

If that doesn't work you'll need to either replace the ribbon cable and/or the SSD, assuming you didn't damage the logic board.

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It seems the macbook does not recognise the hd...

Is it the same than older one?

With apple sometimes you have to use specific hardware, may it be because of that?

Do you know if your ssd works with apple?

Has it the right format for apple Os or have you used it before in a pc?

Are you sure the ssd works fine?

Ram well conected?

Can you format it from disk utility or is it recognised by disk utility?

Have luck.

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