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Replacing Dell power supply and graphic card!

Help me please to replace Dell inspiron 580 power supply to OEM 460W Dell Power and graphic card PNY GTX650 .

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zilver, download the service manual for the Inspiron 580 from here. Page 29 will show you how to do it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Ty that's help to replace graphic card , but i have no idea about power supply i mean so many wires .. kinda confused me .


You mean the wires that go to the drives and the motherboard? It should have one large white connector which goes on the motherboard, one 4pin square white one that goes on the motherboard as well, the 4 black ones are for the drives.


okay i connect all wires and now my computer makes beeps ...


how many beeps?


it beeps 4 times..then waits a bit then beeps


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