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recycle old laptop display

Hi, I have an old Compaq laptop, which died recently. The two hinges broke so the display completely separated from the body.

The laptop was a piece of junk but the dvi display is still very nice. I am wondering how I can recycle it, make it into a external monitor.

The main thing I need to know is, are the connector wirings pretty standard on all laptops? Where can I find a schematic diagram, would be nice if iFixIt make a adaptor.


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If were only so simple ;-{

There are just to many different inter-connection types as well as sizes that would make it very hard to make such a adapter.

Frankly, the cost of a cheap LCD TV which has a VGA or DVI connection is just cheaper in the long haul.

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rich1812, lets start with this:-) What is the number on the back of the LCD (manufacturer or model number)? Armed with that, you can look for a datasheet and see what other devices uses that model LCD. You will most likely need an inverter circuit, a video circuit and a driver circuit. There are universal LCD Display driver controller boards out, that may help you to convert a display to a monitor. I purchased one through an online auction a couple of years ago, for something like $30, and it worked for me. Check on something like this.

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Thanks all for the reply.

Actually it seems easier than I thought. After some Googleing, I found this link, precisely what I need! It will be a good weekend project :)



Like I said, all you need is a controller board:-) just like it is mentioned in your link at instructables.com Best of luck to you.


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