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HTC Sensation XL is an Android smartphone manufactured by HTC with the HTC Sense 3.5 graphical user interface.

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My HTC Sensation XL 315e restarts itself


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You would probably need to install new OS in it. This process is simillar with HTC one V

You Must Know:

As long as your phone is rooted will warranty will be void.

Proceed at your own risk and ensure you backup your device before hand so that anything happen you won't have a new paperweight. Because LockerrMike and our authors does not take any responsibility for damage to your device or any loss of data.

You're Going To Need:


USB Cable (Same one that came with the phone)

Make sure your HTC One V have at least 50% of battery life.

Windows PC, Mac OS, or Linux (only need one)

You are going need your HTC One V’s bootloader unlocked. (You can do that with the link belDownload(s) You're Going To Need: (Read Article Before Downloading)


Superboot Image

HTC One V bootloader unlockedStep-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Unzip files from the Superboot archive file and put them on your Desktop for easy access.

Step 2: Turn OFF your HTC One V.

Step 3: Boot up your HTC One V into the bootloader mode. To do that, press and hold Volume DOWN key --> then press the Power Key.

Step 4: When you have entered the bootloader mode, connect your HTC One V to your PC using the USB cable. (Same one that came with it)

Step 5: Pick the Rite One For You

A) Windows Only: If you are using a Windows PC, run the install-superboot-windows.bat file by double-clicking on it.

B) Mac OS Only: If you are running Mac OS, then open a Terminal Window at the place where you have put extracted files, it should be Desktop. Type the following commands in the Terminal:

chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh


C) Linux Only: If you are having Linux as your OS, then open a Terminal where the extracted files exist and type in the following commands:

chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh


Step 6: It will take a few seconds to root youe HTC One V. When it’s done, disconnect your phone from the Windows, Mac, or Linux.

And That's All, you now have a rooted HTC One V.


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