The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One printer can be used as a printer, copier, scanner. This printer uses a 5 color print system.

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paper feeder won't suck in paper

paper feeder won't pick up paper, I need to push paper in myself to let the roller suck in the paper.

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Over time the paper dust causes the feed rollers to loose their tackiness to grab the paper.

What you need is a rubber revitalizer which is a blend of special cleaners and anti-oxidants to rejuvenate buna-nitrile, EPDM and other composite rubber feeder rollers. Kenetix Rubber Revitalizer is one product you could use to clean the rollers.

If you have a silicone rollers you can use a good quality of Isopropyl alcohol to wipe them down.

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Could also be the same problem as described here :

Paper feed rollers have stopped feeding paper?

The Gear on the silver rod was "destroyed" inside - so it can't push the paper (doesn't turn with the silver rod when "loaded" with paper. The solution provided by Benjamin was perfect for me.

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It may be the rollers are not turning at all. Worth checking with a flashlight.

That is my problem on a 7510 Photosmart.

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My problem also. rollers not turning on 7510.


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