14 Megapixel camera. Has 12x Optical zoom, 48x Digital zoom, OIS, HD video with Stereo microphones and autofocus. Comes in Red or Black. This camera supports the following memory cards: SD/SDHC/SDXC/EyeFi (full support).

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How can I remove the lens to remove dirt/dust buildup?

I've got a spec of dust in the middle of my lens. Is there a way to clean the inside of the lens?

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The lens are assembled and calibrated with precision and it is very hard to clean the inside of the lens without damaging it. Special expertise, equipment and documentation is needed. If the dust does not affect picture quality, live with it. If it does affect, send it to the service station

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mi camara toma las fotos desenfocadas, es decir, se ven un poco borrosas, no se ven nitidas siendo una camara de 14 megapixeles, que puedo hacer


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