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Шестое поколение iPhone компании Apple, представленное 12 сентября 2012 года. Ремонт данного устройства схож с предыдущими моделями, требующий отвертки и инструменты для вскрытия. Доступен в версиях GSM или CDMA; с 16, 32 или 64 ГБ памяти; в Черном или Белом цвете.

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No LTE/4G after porting # to new carrier

I need to port my Verizon iPhone 5 to a new carrier as the service & coverage is much better here on AT&T.

I am wondering if I can replace the current Verizon Cellular antennae with an AT&T cellular antennae. For instance, with this part:

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

I understand that I will need a new AT&T specific SIM card however, this should be easy to obtain when I actually port my number to AT&T.

For a little bit of background related to my question above, I have heard rumors that swapping the cellular antenna in an iPhone 5 will reduce the speed of the data

connection over cellular to half speed or less. Is this true?

Thank you in advance, the experts on this site and the information (and parts made available) has saved my tail more than a few times. My hat's off to all contributing staff and members of iFixIt!!!

Thanks again,


iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Изображение


iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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This is not an antenna issue, only replacing the phone works

The Verizon iPhone 5 is programmed to work on different LTE bands than the AT&T one. The baseband is expected to control different power amps. The programming is burned into the CPU and baseband chip so even replacing the entire RF section will not work. The actual antenna differences is minimal, if even present

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This is pretty much what I thought (replacing the cellular antenna would not address the issue). Thank you Tom C. for the quick answer.

----Now, porting my phone number (from Verizon) to AT&T would not be a problem. On the other hand, forking over another $400 bucks for a new & AT&T subsidized 64 GB iPhone 5 (5s) might be a bit more problematic.


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