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How do I Change Firmware

Hello to all forum members. My problem is this is that I have two

silver iPod Classic 160GB 7th Generation the first as you can see the

first picture on the screen is broken and the second in good condition

want to know how I change the version 2.0.4 for version 2.0.5 but I updated to Itunes does not happen in this

version and I want to change the Copyright 2001-2009 copyright by

2001-2012, they change a copyright on an Ipod Classic to another being

of the same generation?. Seek

Firmware but only have until there is 4th Gen Classic but not 7th Gen Classic

I hope please help me and give me a little tutorial to make this


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sentinel, check on here and see if this will work for you.

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Hi oldturkey. Is there a new link? The old one doesn't work anymore and I have no reference in order to search by myself... Thanks if you can help.


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