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iPhone 5 screen is loose

My screen protrudes too much from the rear case assembly because the rubber/plastic (?) material which originally lined it on the left side has separated, and as such it is free to move around in that area.

I am wondering which options exist for replacing or repairing this issue, preferably without buying a whole new display assembly. Do I just need to apply adhesive to the side of the glass? Better yet, can I buy a new glass and swap it for the one of the assembly I have right now?

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If it is not affecting your phone other than moving around a bit, I would just leave it. Replacing just the glass is near to impossible since it is heated onto the LCD. You could try buying a case that secures the phone together, that way you wont be letting dust and dirt in there.

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I would recommend to either get a case that would not allow it to move. Like Dustin said you cannot just buy the glass and replace it that way. It requires very expensive equipment to do that. I would also look up your serial on Apple's website and see if it's under warranty. If it is, then schedule a Genuis Bar appointment at the nearest Apple store to see if they would swap out the part or phone for you.


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If the phone is within a year you can take it back to apple for an exchange. I'm sure they will give you a refurb but its better than what you are doing now.

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