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New volume/power buttons miss little metal circles

I just swapped the housing on a very scratched iPhone 5 from black to silver. The included volume and power buttons are missing the little circle-shaped metal plates/dots on them, there is just two holes where they should be on the volume buttons and one hole on the power button. On the original buttons there is a little thin metal plate in these holes, which makes them work. The buttons in the iFixit store also miss these as I can tell from the pictures. I tried filling the holes with superglue, but that did not work. Is there a way to remove this little part from the old buttons and install on the new ones?

Thanks :)

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Try to pry them off from the old ones

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Tried that. Also tried to heat them up a lot, but they just won't come off! Its because there is no edge on them to pry on. But I found some new buttons on ebay that claimed to have these spacers installed.


Try to cut through the buttons to get an edge to pry on. Or play safe and buy new ones


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