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What kind of adhesive for tablets and phones?

So...I'm seeing a lot of the tear downs mention "adhesive." I'm wanting to buff up my repair tools before I need to use them and I would like to know what is a good kind to get that works across multiple setups (e.g. tablets, phones, etc.).


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I personally use a 3M 1055 2mm Double Sided Hi-Temp Tape. Its almost clear after backing and top are removed and works very well. Also bonds better with temp applied like from a heat gun. I use it in iPods, iPads, and for a few things in iPhones. Also found it works well in most other devices. You can purchase this tape cheaply online and the rolls generally last quite awhile.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry, not a 1055 tape.....its 9080. Must have been thinking of something else. 3M 9080 Hi temp Tape.


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