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The LG 37LG10-UM is a LCD TV with a screen size of 37.0 in and display format 720p

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Could you please help me with my good friend's LG flat screen?

Hey Guys! I have an LG flat screen that is damaged. Model # 37LG10-UM. It had been sprayed with Pledge and I believe that it is just the LCD that needs to be replaced. Any advice? This is new to me and it is for a good friend. I would like to remedy this for him. As far as I know, it receives a signal. It has colored streaks and splotches. If this were a laptop, I could maybe figure that out but as far as this goes... I am CLUELESS! PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you soooo much,


ps if you need a picture I can email it to you

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boxerbc , post the image with your question. If you can , get the number of the LCD panel itself. Use this guide Adding images to an existing answer to help you with the image.


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boxerbc, the panel is potentially more than a new TV ;-) The part number is COV30057201 and cost is around $400. Check on places like this. Sometimes you can get used panels from ebay for about half the price, so it pays to look around for a bit. For the how to fix it, go to the device page, scroll down to Service Documents and click on the blue link LG-37LG10-UM-Sm.pdf It actually looks easier than a laptop display :-) Hope this helps, good luck.

#200 is the LCD

Block Image

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Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I will look around for the used part. She said she paid $275. :(


Here is one right now, not a bad price, considering....


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