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The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is an Android 2.2-powered smartphone with a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display and 1 GHz processor.

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My camera and apps won't open on my phone, why not?

When I go to take a picture it will let me press the capture button but it won't show up on my files, and everytime I go to open instagram or another app the phone will either force close or shut off completely and when I try to restart it, it says that I have no battery even though it had a full battery before it shut off by itself. Someone Help!!

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My camera won't even come onthe app is there but when you click it on it disappears


I keep getting the message unfortunately an error has occured. Restart camera


I can't use these or google play


Click on it it says close app


yes.. i think the water makes my phone camera stop working, it was raining and the water get through my bag and mobile phone. i started to blow dry it after i removed the battery, it just flickers on and off if i click on the app. other phone features are doing fine. and i also noticed that if i turned off the phone, it suddenly turns on by itself. a short circuit maybe on the switch? how can we resolve this? can u help?


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1.) Did you drop ANY kind of liquid on your phone, whether it be coke, water, soda, Have you taken showers while listening to music from your phone?just know even if you say you didn't drop it in water, etc, does NOT always mean it doesn't have liquid damage. If it stopped working because of liquid damage, and the phone started working again later, doesn't mean your phone isn't deteriorating on the inside.

2.) Back up your contacts, pictures, videos, etc. Make sure you remember all your passwords to your Gmail, any other emails you have.

-edited for niceness

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What I probably think is wrong with your phone is if you have dropped your phone or if it's getting old then you definitely need a new one also here's some strong advice if your phone is getting old I highly suggest you get it repaird I had that same issue the battery wasn't working right and I had it for a long time also if you dropped your phone you might want to get it repaired.

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