AV multi out cable/port issue. Graphics changed totally.


I discovered an issue connecting my Playstation 1 to my TV and the graphics were changed (shadows are squares and these "details" from dust are just plain black squares). Sometimes even colours are different from normal. After changing the angles of the of the cable, the graphics turned back to normal. Now changing the angle of the cable does not work anymore.

So my question would be: is the cable broken or the intput broken? And how could I possibly fix it?

Tried googling it, but only PS3 and newer topics came up and I didn't fine any useful information.

I think that the AV multi cable cosole intput is damaged somehow and can't have the proper connection. Is there any chance to replace it then?

Looking forward to resolve the issue.


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Martin, before getting to heavy into the connector replacement, I would start off by replacing the cable. It is entirely possible that one of the cables inside has come off the solder connection. If a new cable won't work, then its time to work on the AV portion of your Playstation.

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