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How to determine why iPhone 4 doesn't turn on or charge?


I'm trying to help a friend with an iPhone that's apparently dead.

The device does not turn on or charge, nor does it respond to the power button or power+home buttons combination.

So far I've tried:

  • Leaving it charging for a few hours;
  • Cleaned the battery and cellular connectors with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Using this answer (Will not power on, what could it be?) tried to connect it to a Mac with only the base and battery connectors hooked up with the logic board. iTunes did not recognize it and nothing appears on the Mac's info report (USB connections).

Edit: the only times the computer shows anything related with the iPhone connection is a very very rare "USB device is drawing too much power ..." warning message popping. Other than that there is no info.

Edit2: the battery does gets warmer after some time when connected to the power charger

I'd be very thankful for any suggestions.


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Replace battery. See if fixed. If not, replace charging port assembly with attached flex cable, lower mic, home button connector.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I've tried replacing the battery with a fully functional one (other phone) and it didn't work.

I noticed that the battery is almost fully charged, which suggests that the charging port is also working correctly.

Any ideas on what to try next?



edit: I knew the battery from the malfunctioning device was almost fully charged by using it on the functioning phone.


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Was there any specific event that caused the phone to malfunction? more information may help determine the cause.

A quick idea, IOS7 causes a major bug that causes iphones 4/4s to appear completely dead, try plugging the phone in at the mains and holding the power and hoe buttons for up to a minute and see if you get any response.



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I can't confirm if it's true or not, but it could have happened after trying to [somehow] downgrade from iOS 7 to 6.1.x. I'm kind of skeptical of this, but I don't have that much experience with iDevices repairing. Other than that, I can tell the device has been opened up before, though not sure to which extent. Could it be bad assembling?


Thank you Tiny!! My i-phone4 was working this morning and then, when I checked it just before lunch, it was dead. Tried your suggestion above and it is back working again! Nan


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First thing I would do would be to purchase both a new battery and new charging dock connector and not to salvage from another phone. Also, as Tiny suggested, use a wall mains to connect it to charge, you could also rule out the USB sync cable and the wall plug by purchasing new, too!

If this all fails you would have ruled out any of the easily replaced components being at fault and I would consider the issue being related to the power IC on the main board; this I'm afraid is considerably more difficult to replace (and where my micro soldering skills are lacking)

Hope this helps!


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