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HIgh-end gaming headset manufactured by Turtle Beach.

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Friend Yanked on headset cord Wont Work Fix?

I was playing a video game and my friend yanked on the headset cord to try to get it off of my head and now it wont work The cord dient Come out HELP

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Read the answer to this question: XBOX Turtle Beach X11 Headset Wires Cut -- Need help with rewiring

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I have had this happen, went to the site and they asked when you buy, it tell them when it was withing a year from date and they will mail you a replacement for free. When you do fill out the request though, you need to put the model number of your turtle beach in the form. to find that you need to take the ear cushions off of a speaker (varies by which headset you have). I broke the rubber seal that was glued on to the plush part but I just told them and they mailed 2 replacement ear cushions also free of charge.

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Also visit the turtle beach site, in the forums they have a method to test your headset by hooking it up to a computer and making sure its not something else that's wrong.


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RobotGames, you definitely want to check your cables. Remove the ear cups and use a multimeter to make sure that the wires are still properly attached. The strain on the wiring harness may have broken a solder joint

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