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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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Spring from lock button is broke. What do I do?

So my lock button got stuck? It is impossible for me to activate my ipod (only via computer it is), i went to an apple store because my ipod was still on warranty. They said the spring from under the button broke and unfortunately they didn't want to fix it for free they said it was kinda my fault ... So here I am! Can someone please help me they said the reparation would cost me €100 ($137).

Thanks in advance!!

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If you have steady hands and find the black part back in the housing (it's approx 0.2 mm) than you can glue it back where it belongs.

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If you don't find the black plastic piece as hj2 mentioned you can follow the process I did using a tiny blob of solder and hot glue :P

Here are some pictures on the process


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You really should add your work as a guide on ifixit; especially for such a common problem with this unit. I just did this repair (unfortunately before I saw your posting) but had to figure it out myself since there was no guide for this. I found success for the sleep button after a few attempts but unfortunately broke the display when reassembling; bought a cheap $15 display on amazon that lasted a week; and just ordered a new one from fixit. Lesson learned about buying quality parts.


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Actually I wouldn't say it's a spring. On the flex cable of the power button there's a little black plastic piece that makes contact with the power button. This black piece almost always wears out on apple products. The fix would be a new power flex cable.

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Yes, that is the little mm plastic part I was talking about as well.

If you still have some of the now old fashioned plastic model kits or other thermoplastic plastics: Take a sprue and heat it with a lighter till it melts. Then you can pull on both ends till you have the desired diameter (0.6 mm (?) Let it cool down, and with a scalpel you can cut off a slide from 0.2mm. You can glue that in position between the physical button and the actual contact on the flex cable with a cyano acrylate glue.

Job done! :-)

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