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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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The Computer End of the Thunderbolt Cable Seems to be damaged

One of my colleagues has a Thunderbolt Display that he uses with his MacBook Pro. Due to the way his desk is arraigned, there is quite a bit of sideways strain on the Thunderbolt connector where it plugs into his computer. The display no longer lights up, but the MBP power connector will charge the computer. Rather than replacing the whole cable assembly, would it be possible to just ignore the existing Thunderbolt connection and just use a longer separate TB cable that would fit his layout better?

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The logic of connection is similar to FireWire and SCSI. So you shouldn't have any problem using the spare Thunderbolt port on the display with a longer Thunderbolt cable.

If you went to an Apple Store they would even test it out on their gear to be doubly sure before you bought the cable.

With that said it's possible the damaged Thunderbolt display cable could cause problems, so I would replace it just to be sure. This is a very easy fix.

Thunderbolt-MagSafe combo cable: Apple Assembly # 922-9941

Here's one I found on eBay USED 922-9941 All-in-one cable

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I'm unable to find any replacement guides using the part. Any links?


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