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Thermal Problem after spilled cola


I have an MacBook Air 11" Mid 2011 and my daughter seems to spilled cola insinde. I have clean the logic board for serval times, the mac will start and everything works. (Bluetooth, WLAN, etc.)

Unfortunately the mac turn off completely from one second to the other after a few minutes. So I installed a fan control program and set the fan to 6000rpm. When I do nothing everything works fine. The Mac stay on for hours with approximately 35°C.

But if I do some high performance commands like YES > NULL the mac will shut down from one second to the other after a few seconds again. (with and without the accu)

Could someone give me an hint with area on the logic board should be cleaned thorough?

Thanks a lot.

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Thermal problems should not be solved by cleaning the board. Maybe the heat sink is not attached properly. Reinstall the heat sink and if the symptom persists, it's an electrical problem

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