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Backlight doesn't work after LCD replacement.

I had a cracked LCD screen. Prior to disconnecting the LCD cables the backlight worked fine. I replaced the screen but since then the backlight doesn't work. I confirmed the backlight cable and LVDS cable are securely attached. What are the possible causes?

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Did u get this fixed ??


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Blown fuse/controller for the backlight. This is not a DIY repair unless you work with electronic component replacement on a regular basis. Logic board soldering requires special tools, solder & lots and lots of practice.

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Is there a way to confirm this visually before taking it in?


Kimberly, if you have a multimeter you could check the fuse for continuity.


Where is the fuse?? Location


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Check your backlight cable ... I installed mine the way the cable was positioned and best I got was black screen with faint apple symbol .....

But turns out I had it in backwards ... Was very awkward to flip cable and install bit that was it , try that just for !@#$% and giggles

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