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A film and slide scanner from Nikon identifiable by the model number LS-40 ED.

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Where can I buy repair parts?

I recently purchased a Nikon Coolscan IV ED that has a smashed plastic faceplate. (Yes, it appears that a previous owner dropped it.) It seems to work okay, but I'd like to replace that faceplate when I go in to clean it up and do some internal maintenance on it.

Nikon tells me that they don't have parts for it anymore. Does anybody out there know of a source for Nikon Coolscan IV ED parts, (new or used), that they're willing to share with me?


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Nikon is the sole supplier of parts for it's cameras as they are mustily custom parts.

Take some good pictures of the part and with your camera details (Model & S/N) contact Nikon: Nikon USA - Service & Support

You could also go to one of Nikon's authorized repair centers and ask them to order it for you. They could also double check to make sure nothing else is damaged as well as put the part on as there maybe a little work figuring out how to take it off let alone the needed tools.

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Thanks. I've already contacted Nikon. They said, "Since Nikon stopped producing scanners several years ago we no longer have scanners or scanner parts available for sale. Unfortunately, we are also no longer able to provide service on the COOLSCAN IV and do not have any listings of repair centers that can assist you."

So basically... Nikon has washed their hands of the situation and want nothing to do with supporting the scanners they built and sold.


Legally that need to service the product seven years from the last date the unit was sold. If not that need to offer a replacement or rebate on what your unit cost for buying a new one. In this case your options are limited as you are not the original owner so you don't have the original sales slip to prove when the unit was bought. Your only option I see here is trying to locate a second one to savage the part from.


Thanks for your suggestions, Dan. I agree that finding a "scrap" unit may be my only option at this point. So here's hoping that one shows up as a result of this conversation.


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