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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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I need to replace my front panel display!

hi, do you sell the front plane + display for the New nexus 7 2013 model?

Kindly advice!



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iFixit does not sell parts for the Nexus 7 2nd generation tablet. Please source your parts from somewhere else.

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Yes, IFIXIT is pro Apple. May be logic as Apple has a lot of customers in USA and Google Nexus is very new. Maybe in the future ?

I also seek the same piece : go on ebay and look for Nexus 7 LCD+digitizer LCD 2nd generation. For my tablet, I have found a reparator in France who will be able to do the supply+ repair.

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Hi, Cam you please provide me with the name/URL of this supplier in France ?



Sure : http://www.lacliniquedusmartphone.com/ch.... My tablet works like a charm. It decreased 10€ since i did the repair.

Wow, it was already 11 months ago. Time flies.


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Are you saying that you want to buy replacement parts for this Nexus, and then sell the parts you removed?

If that, I can help you.

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