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My iPhone 4s dropped in water...Logic Board issue?

My iPhone 4s dropped in water a couple days ago. I put it in rice and it eventually came back to life. Everything on the device works except for the touch screen. I cannot swipe or anything. Also, Siri doesn't really work (the only response I get when I hold down the home button is "I'm really sorry about this, but I can't take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while." Note: It's been more than a little while since.) I had assumed that I just needed my digitizer replaced.

I took my phone to Cyberion, a digital repair shop, and I was told that there is more damage to the phone than just on the digitizer and my screen is still not in use. The employee there said that it could be an issue with the logic board. Perhaps corrosion?

Does this sound right to any of you? And if so, would replacing the logic board help the touch screen work again?

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I've heard of this procedure but I've been too nervous to try it. I will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks a lot! I hope it works!


do not forget to change the battery. This is not optional, but a must. Good luck.


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Replacing the logic board is tantamount to getting a new phone. Its all on that board. If you do replace that board and you have to pay for it, be sure to retain the old board. Because if you still have issues your board is likely good, and they are worth almost as much on ebay as a whole phone. If you take the board out yourself,also remove the shields that clipon and the rubber under them and clean the components under here also. When water gets on these its not the water that does the damage, its the foreign contaminents that remain after the drying method has been employed. Remember RICE DOES NOT REMOVE TOILET PAPER!! After you clean this out (Gently with a toothbrush and alcohol and gently blow out with compressed air) repace the covers and rubber. I have found that most all motherboards come back to life after a proper cleaning, but since most of the components are nearly microscopic they are indeed highly seceptable to corrosive damage, because there isnt much tothem they simply disolve leaving behind a greenish scale like you see on battery cables, and when you clean it away the diode, or whatever the case may be, that used to be there, is simply gone.

Clean the board before you replace anything else on the phone.

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Thank you! This answer helps a great deal!


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Try cleaning with isopropyl alcohol 90plus %. If you are comfortable with opening the phone. Give it a good clean with toothbrush or similar should come back to life hopefully. But be careful in disconnecting battery from connector it's very fragile

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