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A smartphone by Samsung running Android, identifiable by the model number GT-S5570, released in 2011.

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I forgot my Galaxy Mini password, how do I reset it

As I switch my phone on, It requires a (pattern) password and I have forgotten it

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Did you set a pin number incase you forgot your pattern?


No I never set a pin number


wifi and bluetooth not working


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If you make some wrong entries the phone will offer you to log on with your google account. But you must have WiFi connection. You can't make new connection and your WiFi must be turned on from before.

The second way is with adb commands. But for this you must have enabled USB Debugging from before. Otherwise you can't connect it with the PC.

The third way is Factory Reset but you will LOST all your data. Push and hold together vol(+) and power on keys.

With vol(-) chose Factory Reset. The power on key is for ok.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Password, Screen Lock Removal


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omg it worked thank you and keep up the good work


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1-code formati https://www.facebook.com/rebels.tn.3

2-conneceter sur wifi entre email et mot passe

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