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PS3 won't accept a hard drive?

I've tried 5-6 hard drives. It will load up through the menu where it wants to reformat it but regardless of what HD I put in it, it doesn't accept it. I've tried so many PS3 and non ps3 hard drives and I'm at a lack of understanding as to why it wouldn't.

It's like it doesn't want to register it. Any solution to this because it has no warranty?

Model is CECHH01

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did you try one of those steps?

maybe one of them helps

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markus, you can do better than that limp link ;-)



you're right - but there are many possible ways to get this done

ok - one trick could be to install windows on the hdd and then put it into the ps3 to format it.

another one is to put it in a larger model and format it there.

next one was formatting it with formatting tools

but i think that there are a few mor infos needed before a possible solution could be found.

what exactly happens when you try to format it in the ps3 ?

does the ps3 the hdd find at all ?


Thanks for the clarification +


Well yes.. I've tried quite a few drives and even reformatted 2 on the computer following instructions on how to do so.

When I put it in, it says you need to reformat this drive and then goes through 2 more pages and stops completely. It finds the drive, recognizes it needs to be reformatted but it's like it can't reformat it. Any ideas?


What hdd did you use? (speed/size). do you try to make a full format or a quick format?


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Try formatting the hard disk in format that PS3 supports

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