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Looking for a Universal LCD and Digitizer tester


Im looking for a universal LCD and Digitizer tester. I can not find it anywhere.

Can it be right that i need to buy each and every phone on the marked to test LCD and Digitizers after repair? Is there not a machine out there somewhere where you can change cables on, so you can test more then one phone?

I found testers for iPhone 4 and 5, but im looking for a machine that can test all phones.

If not possible, then maybe one that can test all Samsungs, and one that can test all Apple phones, and one for HTC and so on..

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Hi Henrik,

Found you the solution?

I have similar problem.

Thanks, Regards.


I was looking for the same thing and kept running into the same problem. Yes there are a ton of the individual specific testers, but universal testers can be found.


Make sure you do your research and use patience when searching for equipment. I have found that doing so not only ensures the quality of the equipment much better, but can save you thousands of dollars.


The best thing wich could be on the market , its not there yet ,is a universal external lcd, one socket , and several lose sockets to bring a dead phone with broken lcd to life

what if you got expensive phone , LCD is broken, but you cannot get into your important or personal data

I think a solution, like you plug an external monitor to your laptop, when laptop screen is broken, just like hat for phones or tablets

I think i might start a crowdfunding for this , only thing needs to be developed is a monitor with socket , and for every phone on the market is already test cable available


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Sorry Henrik no such tool.

You see each manufacture of LCD and the OEM they sell it to have their own signaling & connection system.

Even the Apple tester you have now will likely not work in a newer version of iPhone as Apple is also not fixated on having a universal tool even for their phones.

Apple is more rigid than the others, just look at Samsung with all of the different models they offer, many different LCD systems!

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Thanks for your answer. I was hoping that there was obe out tere somewhere, but i didnt count on it. I was thinking like u wrote, that the systems are different and i have to buy all the phones for testing the screens.


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other options are cheaper blacklisted phones with broken glass

or demo phones / motherboards.

But it would be nice to have a universal tester…

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