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How to clean the logic board after water damaged

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I have this iphone 4s which is water damaged. Its turning on , showing logo and its keep doing the same thing ower and ower.

I have disassembled the phone and took the logic board out and sprayed isoprophylalcohol on it and wanted to use a brush but was afraid to removing smd components it the corrision has done funny things ;)

How do i clean the logic board?

Thnx a lot

SOLVED **********************

Nice, clean and functional now ;)

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Thanks Jonathan


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What you need now is 99% pure alcohol.

Take a toothbrush soft bristle and put the alcohol on it then scrub the board down. Watch out for microphones, speakers and cameras. They do not like the alcohol.

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Let me know if I can help anymore?


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I used also IPA 99.7%. But was afroid to use the brush but will do that tomorrow. Thnx


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