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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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How come the Battery replacement I bought has a short ribbon cable?

So my 5th Gen 80Gb Video iPod is 4yrs old. I love this gadget. It had gotten to the point where it only works when its plugged directly into a power outlet in the car or a dock station and it will never sync to my mac. So after searching iFixit I decided I need a replacement Battery. That was the simple part. I order it and received it very quickly. I find the Online Guide for the 60GB/80GB iPod. I read and re-read the directions step by step. Opening my iPod with the spudger tools is very easy. Popping out the original battery and I analyze the placement of every thing. I put the New Battery in and Try to reattach the various Ribbon Cables. I notice immediately the Ribbon Cable from this new Battery IS SHORTER than the original one. I finagle with it a few times to see if maybe I have the placement wrong. After several hours I still cannot get the New Battery's Ribbon Cable to reach the retainer clip.

So I am at a Real Loss here. Nothing in your Guides Seem to Cover this scenario.

Also to make matters worse, every time I try to put the iPod back together One or Both of the Audio Ribbon Cable and/or the HD Ribbon Cable pops out of place. The teensy tiny switch that the Guide has me flip up with a Spudger will NOT lock close.

So What Do I do now? I am ready to Return the kit and attempt to find somewhere that I can take my iPod too who can fix the sucker. I'd rather not. I'd prefer to fix this myself.

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did you order the battery from ifixit ?

than you should use the contact page

without replacing the wrong battery - there is no simple way to fix it (the harder way would be soldering the old ribbon cable on the new battery ;-) )

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Uh I ordered the 60GB/80GB Video iPod Replacement battery. It has the same Model # as the original battery in my 80GB Video iPod... BUT AS I SAID ALREADY, the Ribbon Cable IS SHORTER on the NEW/Replacement Battery.


and as i said before - contact the seller and tell them that the cable is to short - or solder the old cable to the new battery - but i would highly recommend the first option


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