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iMac wont boot up, just the apple screen shows. Can anyone help?

My iMac turns on and has the apple screen on with the boot up continually running. There is a little circle thing that indicates that it is trying to boot up. But nothing is happening. CAN ANYONE HELP ME???

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much worse is relative - it's always bad when something like that happens

but i would do pretty much the same

- reset the iMac like this and that

if the iMac still won't boot

- use the instllerdisk and try to boot up. use the disk utility to check/repair permissions

a few more infos are here

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great answer if the asker knows that those colored words are links to solutions. Also how to start up from the installer disk.


you're right richard - i didn't think about that. but here we go: you have to press and hold the C key your keyboard to start from the installer disk


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