apple logo flashing on/off

my iphone doesn't charge when plugged on a wall charger nor with a usb cable, all it does is the apple logo flashes on and off every 3 seconds, tried replacing battery, DFU, recovery mode, tiny umbrella, changed the charger but nothing worked out. any ideas?


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Any reason it stopped charging like a fall or water damage?


I have same thing, I just replaced the charging dock with fixit supplies, now, just a flashing apple logo, what do I do next?


Tell me this when ur taking out the battery are you prying on the logic board side? Or when dissconectung battery are you damaging the little components below.. Tho is happening to often when replacing batterys


im sure I didn't not damage anything, I cant even get it connected to iTunes to restore anymore, most likely it's a hardware issue. what part do you suggest is damaged ?


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