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The Asus X53E is more or less an Asus K53E without dedicated graphics. The specs on this laptop are very similar other then the removal of the nVidia graphics.

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contact failure on the computer connector to electricity network

How can I open the computer to look inside where the problem lies?

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Before opening I would check the power adapter. Can you locate a second power adapter to try out? Or access to a second system (Asus X53E) to try your power adapter on?

Is the connectors clean and not damaged (adapter & system)? If they are dirty unplug the adapter then with a cotton swab (Q-Tip) with some Isopropyl alcohol wipe the contacts. Any better?

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recurent prob on asus x53s.

it cames from the dc connector soldered on the MB.

have to change it.

the good news is that it's a relatively cheap spare parts.

the bad news is that you have to got some skills to unsolder the part from the MB.

be carefull not to broke the small and thin MB part on which the connector is soldered. it broke easily if you're too rough.

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you might want to do this using hot air and solder paste. It'll save you some headaches and cash.


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