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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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WD Scorpio-Blue-Series 1 TB drive in a MacBook Pro Unibody

Dear all,

New internal notebook hard drives with 1 TB capacity have recently been announced; Western Digital was the first one of them (they announced the WD Scorpio-Blue-Serie in july '09). However, this drive has three platters instead of the usual two, and thus has an untypical height of 12.5 mm instead of 9.5 mm (the normative height of 2.5 " drives).

Since I am up to decide on a composition for a new 13" Macbook Pro that I want to buy, I am asking myself if this new (higher) drive would fit into the recent Macbook Pros with built-in battery; not all notebooks can take up such high drives. I found indications that it might fit into this Macbook Pro in one report about fitting an SSD drive into that Macbook Pro; this drive is, according to my research, 13 mm high. However, that was the only thing I found, and I consider it unclear if I can deduct from this info that such high drives will definitely fit (and be easy to mount with screws etc.).

Can You, if possible, please clearly indicate whether it is possible or not?

Thanks in advance! With kind regards,


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From What I understand, 12.5mm drives will work in in all unibody macbook pro's, and 17" non unibody

will not fit in Macbooks, 15" Macbook Pros

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Hey, Matthew!

Thank You very much for Your quick response!!

Are You sure about it? I mean, do You have any source for Your data? As said, what I found online confused me... I just understood that there might be differences between the 13" and its larger brothers - or between the early unibodys with replacable battery, and the new models with built-in battery.

Would be nice to get a definite experience description from someone...


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Yes, this will fit your MacBook Pro. This machine accepts 12.5mm hard drives.

However, the new drives are usually in the 7.5-9mm ballpark because of the move to Advanced Format drives. This will be a non-issue with an AF drive.

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This is interesting.

How about 17" unibody?

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Do yourself a favor, get the 1TB WD Black Edition not the blue (I'm glad you didn't say Green!). The Black has 2 processors on board instead of just one and also has twice the cache and has predictive seek algorithms.

I tried a raid of Blues (640G) on my VMWare server and it was OK. Just for kicks I replaced the raid with the exact same amount of drives but the only difference was that I went from the Blue 640's to the Black Edition 640's. VMWare took off like it was on steroids!

I replace my Apple HD with the 2.5 Black Edition and the same thing happened. The only other thing that was even more pronounced was when I pulled out the WD Black and put in the Crutial RealSSD 120G solid state drive. 15 second boot times and instantaneous app launches.

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There is no 2,5" 1TB Scorpio Black hdd, only the 2,5" 1TB Scorpio Blue variant exists - Model: WD10TPVT

look here: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/index.asp...

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