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Repair guides and support for your Apple Wireless Keyboard. Connect and command your Apple computer wirelessly.

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Keys seems to be permanently pressed not even able to enter password


I have wireless keyboard for iMac. It suddenly stopped working properly. When I enter password, it would not work. When I press power button, it will start working randomly and keep on entering some alphabets / numbers automatically. I ALS tried to enter password as soon as I turn it on, but it would not work. Looks like only some of the keys are working automatically.

Please help me what could be problem and solution, if you can suggest.


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Replaced the batteries - if not do so. Sometimes strange things happen as battery power gets low.

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First thing I did was replace the batteries. However problem still remains.


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Ok, this is a glitch in the keyboard. I have this same keyboard, and I fixed it by hovering a magnet over the top of the keys. While you're doing this, the keys will type on their own, but the stuck key should stop typing!

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Neat trick! How did you think to try that?


It's all about knowing the design of the keyboard. The keys on the keyboard are metal, and the circuit boards are magnetic (electromagnetic to be specific). Therefor, a way of resetting the keys are to hover a magnet over it!


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