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Screen shows pink stripes instead of white, goes away by shaking

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody early 2009

My display shows pink vertical lines instead of white. Shaking the laptop, or pressing the bottom plate, can help (temporarily). My hypothesis is that the display data cable went bad, but would like to be sure somehow before replacing it (I never did DIY-repairs).

Block Image

If it is the display data cable, where can I get a new one and what kind exactly? Is there a way of fixing it (or trying to fix it) without opening the lid of the laptop?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, since I can't cough up the dough for a new laptop and I would like to keep using my current beauty

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Think it's ur new app stainless.


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Pink on the screen usually indicates a failing LED, but it may be a bad connection. Use this guide and reconnect the Display Data Cable to the logic board and let us know your results.

MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Display Replacement

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I disconnected the data cable, which connector looked in mint condition, and reconnected it. No result


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