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Released in North America in November 2006.

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My wii don't start up


My wii gives me an error, i don't remenber how, and then i turn off my wii and it never sart up again. when i power on my wii stays in black screen.

Is it an way for start up by an sd card with some specific software or else do a reset that comes back the factory memory?



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Either your WiFi module or bluetooth module is broken, or the contents of your NAND flash inside the unit are corrupted. You can try swapping out the two modules with those from a working device, but if that doesn't work, you will have to send it to Nintendo for repair (or replace the main board). There is no way for you to repair the flash memory yourself.

Nintendo Wii Motherboard Изображение


Nintendo Wii Motherboard


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This may or may not be the same problem/solution, as your problem doesn't have enough detail.

Wii console input output doesnot work

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Occassionally our Wii console won't power up, no lites or anything. I found that unplugging the power supply for abtout a minute has solved it so far.

Anyone have any ideas about a more permanent fix?

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