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Identifiable by the model number S7562, the Galaxy S Duos is a dual sim card smartphone made by Samsung.

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Why is the samsung galaxy s duos slow when apps are opened

Especially when apps are opened while the phones mobile data is on, it takes like more than a minute at times before an app can open esp skype

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I know the solution , you must change your mobile ROM to kyleopen rom or to pmp ultra rom , You also must install 'app cache cleaner' to clear all cache automatically every 6 minutes , and install root unistaller To remove unwanted original programs , Use Skype instead of Tango and Viber , And remember, all the programs of social networking increases the consumption of the processor and RAM because of spyware .

If you get stuck , contact me on FB or by my e-mail :

FB : www.facebook.com/yousef.aljezawi

e-mail : aljezawi93@gmail.com

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this is right!


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