Swapping T-CON (logic board) of 2009 LCD with 2010 T-CON...

Hi all -

Got a 2010 27" iMac without the graphic card (it apparently failed... so I was looking for a new one). In the meantime, upon inspecting the machine, I noticed that the v-sync cable port on the backlight board didn't match up with the "ribbon" cable coming off the LCD panel. After a bit of research, discovered the LCD (or at least the T-CON/logic board) is for a 2009 27" iMac. The 2009 has a ribbon for the v-sync, and the 2010 has a cable for the v-sync. Is it possible to swap the T-CON from an LG display for a 2010 model into this 2009 screen (so that I can connect everything properly). Looking at the T-CON and comparing the two, they appear to only be different (with significance) in the v-sync ports. Input is appreciated. Thanks!

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