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A Windows phone known for its camera capabilities. Also known as Nokia EOS, Nokia 909, Nokia RM-875, Nokia RM-877, Nokia RM-876.

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Can the side buttons flex cable be replaced on a Nokia Lumia 1020?

Can be replaced side buttons flex ? i saw the video from Le55on from Nokia Lumia 1020 but is not clear for me if the side button flex can be replaced?

Mine sleep button failed so i need replace the flex from side....

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If the phone is still under warranty, send it back for a replacement.

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The 1020 was released in July '13. There should be a 1yr manufacturers warranty, regardless of the carriers insurance. Use this website to determine your warranty under Nokia


Let us know if this helps.

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sure is not on warranty coz otherwise i would send it


I have the exact problem. The power/lock button is physically ok but it's stuck pressed. I know this because when i only hold the volume down button pressed the phone soft resets. Can some one please provide a tutorial how to replace this flex cable.

Alex or anybody, if you found a solution for this please let me know here or on my email cevi_stefan@hotmail.com Thanks.


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