Apple released the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody with a new aluminum upper case machined from a single aluminum block.

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Replacement options for Thunderbolt Port?

I spilled coffee on the left side of my laptop, which I thought would be the end of all the exposed ports (USB, Ethernet, Thunderbolt, Firewire, Power). The USB, Ethernet, and Power port all thankfully work but after trying to connect my Macbook Pro 15" to a 27" Thunderbolt Apple Display, it doesn't seem as if the Thunderbolt port works.

I am looking to buy an external monitor. Are there any alternatives to connect an external monitor to my laptop other than the Thunderbolt Port (Like USB, Firewire)? Is it unrealistic to replace the Thunderbolt Port itself?

Thank you for any help!

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Logic board components can be repaired but for most people it is not a DIY project. Desoldering (removing) and soldering (replacing) damaged components is a skill that requires special tools and lots and lots of practice. There could be damaged components other than just the connector port. It is easy to burn through a mulit-layer logic board and destroy it.

I would have a professional (Apple, or a computer, small electronics repair shop) give you an estimate of repair cost (Not every repair job is a DIY job).

Then you'll know if you want to repair or part out your machine.

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Sadly, there is no direct means to connect an external monitor other than the Thunderbolt Port.

The other option is using a second mac and remote the display & keyboard to the other system via an Ethernet connection but that means you are running two systems one as a slave to the other.

I have to agree with Machead here , this likely needs a deeper fix than one can pull off by them selves. Time to visit an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center to get the logic board replaced.

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You could always use an Apple TV connected to the second display to mirror or extend your screen. That way you don't need the thunderbolt port.

With the new mavericks OS it is pretty easy to setup.

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You also said the USB port(s) were fine, right? You could just get an external video card/box adapter that plugs into the USB port. These usually output to HDMI or DVI, so you would need a Display port adapter (one end looks like the Thunderbolt-male connection, which will go into the Cinema-display and the other end looks like an HDMI female connection, except one of the angled sides of the connection will be a 90 degree corner. This is the end that you will need to plug into a DP to DVI cable and plug into the monitor. Altogether it shouldn't cost more than $50

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@Eli - This is an older system with USB 2.1 ports so it's not the faster USB 3 which might have worked. The other issue is most of these USB solutions require Windows.


Using a USB adapter works. It is not perfect and I had sync problems watching movies on Youtube with two browsers. The sound was faster than the image. I didn't have problem with my 3rd browser, so this is fine. The biggest problem with this solution is that you can't watch movies on iTunes or Netflix because of HDCP and you have a blue screen, but still the sound is transferred trough USB. Works on unprotected movies.


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