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Don't have right torx. OK to remove HD with battery in place?

Got a rush job here; dead MacBook Pro, need to remove HD to recover data for use in another machine. Don't have the special 5 point Torx to remove the battery. Is it possible to remove the HD without taking the battery out first, or is that a Really Bad Idea? Thanks for quick knowledgeable replies!

I know ifixit recommends 1.5mm flat, will scour my small town for one tomorrow. Found an official correct tool but it's on order, won't arrive soon enough. Available at http://www.pbparts.com/shop.php/9229101

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I think you're fine removing the HD with the battery in place. SATA is much more friendly about these sorts of things than older connector technologies.

That's actually not an uncommon size for a small flathead screwdriver size. I bet you can find one somewhere!

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The answer is correct, however you can get the most complete driver kit I've ever seen right here at iFixit. I use mine everyday. Here's the link: http://www.ifixit.com/Tools/54-Piece-Bit...


Thanks, I'll try just removing the drive. Was worried about power issues with battery connected. If that's not a concern, then the only thing to see is if there is room to get the drive out.

Believe it or not, I have like 5 sets of small screwdrivers, have a 1.2 and a 1.8 but the ones in between are all missing! Have ordered the 5 point Torx from the pbparts site for future jobs.


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The computer is already dead, what are you worried about?

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Actually, this guide needs to be updated!

I just replaced the harddrive and couldn't get the battery out. So I just tried taking off the "bridge" that locks the drive in place next to the battery with 2 Phillips head screws.


Turns out YOU DON'T NEED TO REMOVE THE BATTERY! Just take out the hard drive, DO NOT TOUCH THE BATTERY!!

Please update your guide: about 90% of the steps are unnecessary!

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The battery is removed in the directions for electrical safety, not because the battery is physically blocking the hard drive from being removed.

But as long as you are careful not to touch the contacts or bare wires on the logic board, you'll be fine. Your computer is not going to go up in smoke or anything if you brush the logic board, but that's why they have the 'better safe than sorry' instructions.

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