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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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display and screen change

hi i bought samsung note 2 last year. after 2 months my screen cracked. but still it was working ok. now recently it fell in water and display was gone too.. can yo tell me how much will it cost for it to repaired?? and on changing the display will they also change the screen or will i have to pay separately for the cracked screen? please reply soon

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Repair costs will vary from shop to shop. May run upwards of $250-$300

Other than that, the top glass, digitizer and LCD are made as one piece.

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Unfortunately wade is correct. I have my own repair shop and it's pretty pricey. GN2 screens are extremely expensive, let alone you have water damage now. Logic boards are probably twice the price of the LCD Digitizer.

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